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(Calvi, Corsica, France)

There are two companies currently operating ferry services to and from Calvi, Corsica. Corsica Ferries operates two services on the Calvi to Nice route, while SNCM Ferries operates services on two routes: Calvi to Nice and Calvi to Marseille; both of these French cities are situated on the southern coast of France.

Calvi Ferries: Corsica Ferries

Corsica Ferries operates a service from Nice to Calvi throughout the year, with sailings running every day during the summer months.

The crossing takes about 3 hours on the Express ferry and 5 hours, 30 minutes on the larger vehicle ferry. Services on this route vary greatly throughout the year, with winter services often suspended due to bad weather.

The Corsica Ferry Company operates a fleet of eight ships, with four dedicated to express passenger services and four larger ships dedicated to a slower vehicle service. The Calvi to Nice fast service is provided by the Corsica Express II, which can carry over 500 passengers and up to 150 vehicles, while the slower service is provided by a larger roll on, roll off ferry capable of carrying around 1,500 passengers and 500 vehicles.

All the express ships in the Corsica Ferry fleet are modern, well-equipped vessels with comfortable seating and entertainment areas for children and adults alike, while the larger vehicle ferries come equipped with a swimming pool, cinema and a choice of eateries.

Calvi Ferries: SNCM Ferries

The SNCM Ferry Company operates sailings between Calvi and the southern French port of Nice up to six times a week during the peak season, with a crossing time of
3 hours. SNCM also provides a weekly overnight service between Calvi and Marseille, with a crossing time of around 11 hours. The schedules for both routes vary throughout the year, so passengers are advised to check with the company for an up-to-date timetable prior to departure.

SNCM Ferries boasts a fleet of 10 ships, with five large cruise ferries operating the longer routes, four smaller ferries operating the overnight route from Marseille and one high-speed vessel used for short passenger services.

SNCM's overnight route from Marseille to Calvi is provided by one of the company's four medium-sized ferries, with the Pascal Paoli and the Paglia Orba being the most frequently used. Both of these ferries can carry up to 550 passengers and 130 vehicles. All of the company's medium-sized ferries are well-equipped for the overnight crossing, with comfortable cabins, a good choice of eateries and entertainment areas.

The crossing from Nice to Calvi is operated by the company's larger cruise ferries that are capable of carrying up to 2,500 passengers and 800 vehicles. All ferries on this route are well-equipped with facilities such as cinemas, restaurants and shops.

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